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Shopping rules in Egypt: what to bring from the “Land of the Pyramids”?

Egypt has long taken a leading position among countries for recreation. There is a beach holiday, and sightseeing, and extreme. You should definitely visit the capital of the “Country of the Pyramids” Cairo, which attracts the sights of ancient civilization and Arabian architecture. No less popular are the resorts of the Red Sea Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The latter is considered the number one destination for divers.
Resting abroad, I want to bring unique souvenirs to relatives and friends that will best characterize the country of rest. Let’s figure out what kind of “Egyptian” you can give to relatives?

In Egypt, tea is of high quality and taste. The most popular variety is hibiscus made from hibiscus flowers or Sudanese roses. Pink tea has a delicate aroma, has a slight bitterness and will be a great gift for a lady. Yellow tea has an unusual taste, and Tamarind tea has healing properties.

It is recommended to buy tea leaves in tea shops, where they are of high quality, inexpensive and there is plenty to choose from. Remember, the larger the leaves and the smaller the husks, the better.

Spices and spices
When choosing spices in Egypt, pay attention to cumin. It has a bitter taste and pronounced spicy aroma, reminiscent of caraway seeds, great for fish.

Tourists also buy maluchi, which happens both in fresh and in dry form. For a souvenir, the second option is suitable. The taste of spice is similar to something between sage and spinach. From Maluchi they prepare the “Pharaoh soup”.

Cardamom is an integral part of Egyptian coffee, coriander is perfect for salads, and sweet aniseed taste is added to make desserts.

Do not buy spices in crowded streets and in tents in open areas where there is a strong wind. Purchase the product in indoor markets, such as Khan el Hamili in Cairo.

In Egypt, they offer pure aromatic oils (concentrated) and perfume oils mixed with alcohol so that the aroma is not so harsh. Each hood has its own range of odors and healing properties.

The most popular are sandalwood oil, black cumin oil, jojoba oil, helba, tea tree and aloe. It is recommended to buy such a souvenir in large stores, pharmacies or perfume factories, where the risk of counterfeiting is minimal. Here you will find whole compositions, for example, The Secret of the Night or Nefertiti. Remember, natural essential oils do not leave a greasy mark on fabric or paper.

Hookah in Egypt is considered more than just a smoking device. Only here you can find a classic, not modern, hookah. The Egyptians call it Shisha. It is important to be able to distinguish a fixture from a cheap figurine. The height of the hookah should be from 30 cm, the height of the shaft from 50 cm, made of stainless metal, the glass of the bulb without cracks. It is better that the hose is made of genuine leather, clay bowls, and not ceramic, the shaft and the bulb are connected by rubber seals. Also make sure that the hookah is equipped with a check valve.

Figurines and Amulets
Often tourists take as a souvenir figures of Egyptian gods. There are more than a hundred of them in Egypt, there are plenty to choose from. It is important to pay attention to the patron of which God was. So, the figure of Horus is given to leaders, the god Anubis is bought by doctors, and Osiris is given to employees of the judicial and law enforcement agencies.

The scarab beetle is one of the most revered symbols of Egypt. For many centuries in Egyptian mythology, the insect personified the god Khepri, which symbolized the rising sun. It is believed that the scarab beetle figure will bring good luck and prosperity to its owner.

You can also bring from Egypt seafood – pebbles, shells, corals. However, please note that it is allowed to export such things only if there is a check.

Hundreds of years ago, the whole world used an analogue of paper that was produced in Ancient Egypt – papyrus. Therefore, this souvenir will accurately describe the country of your vacation. Finding a real papyrus is difficult in regular gift shops. But if you want to be sure of its authenticity – the best option is to go to papyrus factories. They are located at the papyrus museums in Luxor and Cairo. There you can familiarize yourself with the technology of making papyrus in ancient times and buy an original sample.

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