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The best destinations for a budget holiday in spring

Spring is the time to replenish not only the wardrobe, but also the baggage of positive emotions. Travel! Indeed, favorable weather is already accompanying trips, as well as low prices for vacations. We picked up the best budget destinations for a tour abroad this spring.

Holidays in Poland are economical even at the height of the season, and in the off-season it is especially accessible. The cheapest packages are marked in early spring. There are very few tourists at this time: historical and natural attractions can be reached quickly and without queues.

We recommend visiting the Knight’s Castle in Malbork and the largest open-air museum – Skansen. Kamenchik Falls will also impress with its beauty, beyond which there are caves with a large accumulation of amethysts and pegmatite. Great option for the spring weekend!

Hungary is a country of museums, castles, monuments and cathedrals of different historical eras. Add to this cheap last-minute tours, cheap vegetables and fruits in the markets, hospitable economy-class hotels with a high price-quality ratio – and get a rich holiday with a modest check list.

It’s best to plan a trip in March. A two-week trip for two to Budapest from Kiev will cost 350-400 USD. You can cut the vacation budget by 10-15% with the help of combined tours.

In Budapest, the weather offers a walk along the Erzhebet bridge, which connects the two banks of the Danube. In spring, you can also go to Lake Balaton to admire the beautiful views of its surroundings.

The low season at the resorts begins in October and ends in early May. Early spring is the right time to open the season of tours in Turkey. In April, only water and air temperatures so far rise, but not prices. This is an ideal month to visit the Mediterranean resorts: the water off the coast warms up to +18 ° C.

You don’t have to deal with vacationers, because there are almost none here, and sunbathing at this time is quite comfortable. All tours and services at the resorts are almost half the price than in the summer.

In Tunisia, a beach holiday is considered a traditional vacation. Spring is the most favorable time to visit the Mediterranean coast. In early April, travelers are provided with a safe and uniform tan, and the swimming season is open in May, when the water off the coast warms up to +18 ° С … + 22 ° С. In addition, excursions are held in full.

While the tourist flow has not rushed, many hotels are still on vacation, so the prices for All inclusive in Tunisia are 25-30% cheaper than the offers of Egypt.

In spring, the Baltic country turns green and blooms: the snow has almost melted, the air is already warm, but still fresh in winter. The dampness of March is offset by pleasant hotel prices. April remains a season of burning permits and the lack of crowds of tourists. In May, the demand for tours increases along with a gradual rise in prices for holidays. During this period, bus tours are in demand, which will cost 250-350 USD with a visit to several cities.

Visit the private museum park of Grutas, take a walk around the Trakai Castle, visit the Amber Museum, and climb the Witch Mountain.

Going to Georgia in the spring is worth visiting sights and nature reserves, traveling to the mountains, healing at thermal springs, exploring the local culture and cuisine. And in the mountains you can ski at all until May.

Rapid warming in March creates comfortable conditions for any type of tourism. You can ride around the ancient capital of Mtskheta, climb to the cave monastery of Vardzia, and then relax in the sulfur baths.

Traditionally, in spring there is low demand for this direction, therefore travel agencies offer vouchers at reasonable prices. If you do not take into account Batumi, prices for holidays in Georgia are similar to Ukrainian. A new picture outside the window for a week will not hit the family budget too much.

Despite the heterogeneous climate in the regions, in spring the weather in India is characterized by zero humidity and heat. The average air temperature is +25 ° C … + 30 ° C. For a beach holiday, the coasts of the southern and central resorts are best suited. Comfortable climatic conditions during this period in Goa. Hiding in Ukraine from the Ukrainian weather, you will save your money. You can save on transport, food, travel services, while in Ukraine, prices are 2-3 times more expensive.

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