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Egypt or Turkey – where is better?

Egypt and Turkey are destinations that are enviable among Ukrainian tourists. And for good reason. Their resorts offer a wide selection of hotels, quality service and the ability to combine a cultural and entertainment program with a beach holiday. Also in their favor, you can safely add the famous all inclusive and not too long flight. Let’s see which is better: Egypt or Turkey.

To begin with, we note that in any corner of the world you can find interesting places that are worth getting to know. With the same ease, you can find flaws that can ruin your vacation. So where to go: Turkey or Egypt?

Choose a season
Egyptian summers are quite hot (air temperature rises above 40 ° C), the best time to relax in this country is spring and autumn. In winter, the average temperature during the day is around 20 ° C, so it is better to choose hotels in cozy bays, protected from the winds. Also pay attention to the presence of a heated pool in the resort. As for the summer heat, the climate in Egypt is dry: the heat is easier to tolerate than in Turkey. That is, a high degree is tolerated by the body approximately, as when resting in the Mediterranean.

In Turkey, the beach season lasts from May to the first half of October. In winter, early spring and autumn, the water is cold, so you can’t buy it. If you like to swim, then in the choice “Where to relax: Turkey or Egypt?” Bet on the latter. Here the sea is warm almost all year round.

Excursion program and entertainment
Both countries have many attractions that are of interest to tourists. These include museums, objects of ancient architecture and more. In Egypt, for example, diving fans will find their paradise.

In addition to exploring coral reefs and exploring the inhabitants of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, you can go to Giza to see the legendary pyramids and take a selfie near the statue of the Sphinx. Add to the list of entertainment a jeep safari, camel riding and familiarity with the life of the Bedouins in the desert.

In Turkey, vacationers are waiting for a cultural and entertainment program no worse. Here you can go to the snow-white salt terraces of Pamukkale, watch the parade of colorful balloons in Cappadocia or visit the flooded city of Kekova. Children will be delighted with the oceanarium in Antalya, and lovers of extreme relaxation – from paragliding from the mountain peak of Tahtal.

In whatever direction you go, unforgettable leisure is guaranteed! As regards entertainment, in the question “What to choose: Turkey or Egypt?” It is impossible to determine the winner. Yes, perhaps not worth it.

Focus on color
If you have long dreamed of visiting an oriental fairy tale, getting to know ancient traditions and enjoying the exotic of an unfamiliar culture, do not think for a moment about the question “where is better: Turkey or Egypt”. Immediately buy a ticket to the country of pyramids and pharaohs, which will surprise you with its color. In Turkish resorts, the atmosphere is also saturated with oriental notes, but this is not noticeable as much as in Egypt.

Travel budget
The cost of rest in both countries does not differ much – the final amount that you spend on the trip will depend on which hotel you choose to stay and in which month the trip will be (seasonality affects prices significantly). If the question “Where is cheaper: Egypt or Turkey?” Is of great importance against the background of other criteria, try to save. You can do this with the help of the early booking promotion – such tours can be purchased at 15-30% cheaper. True, you will have to take a ticket six months before the trip, or even earlier.

Where is the food tastier?
The menu in Turkish hotels is more tailored to the tastes of Europeans. But in Egypt, you need to be ready to meet with spicy food, heartily seasoned with pepper. In abundance there will be seasoning with spices. As for diversity, in Turkey they know a lot about this, as well as in the preparation of delicious food. But in most Egyptian hotels at the buffet you can’t count on a wide selection of dishes – get ready for meals without any frills. We conclude: if you are a gourmet and love to eat, then in the choice “where is better: Turkey or Egypt?”, The clear victory is for the Turks.

Seas and beaches
Families with children will appreciate the service in Turkish hotels, which create excellent conditions for young guests. You will find the sandy coast in Alanya, Side, Belek and Lara. When choosing a resort in Egypt, where there are also beautiful sandy beaches, remember corals. If they are near the coast, then just go into the sea will not work. You will have to dive into the water from the pontoon or buy special slippers in the nearest store. Keep this in mind when choosing a hotel.

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