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Everything a tourist needs to know about Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest is listed in the Guinness Book as the world’s largest folk festival. Every year it attracts more than 6 million tourists. Oktoberfest takes its roots from the 19th century, when it was first held in honor of the wedding of the future King Ludwig I. In addition to the mountains of food, visitors to this holiday can enjoy colorful parades, dances, and various attractions at the fairgrounds. But the main thing here is Oktoberfest beer, which is prepared exclusively by Munich companies, and only for this celebration.

When does the holiday begin and where does it take place?

In 2017, the Oktoberfest began on Saturday, September 16th, and runs until Wednesday, October 4th. A holiday is held near the city center, on the Teresa meadow. Note that the place is named after the very bride whom Ludwig I married.

The opening of the festival is considered to be a parade of beer tent owners, led by the Munich mayor. The parade begins in the center of Munich and ends in the meadow, where there are tents (tents) during the holiday.

When did you spend your first holiday?

The first Oktoberfest was organized in 1810 thanks to the wedding of Princess Theresa and the future King Ludwig. The celebration lasted 5 days, and during this time the citizens of Munich feasted and had fun. The whole event was accompanied by parades with drums, live music and horse racing.

Guests enjoyed the walks so much that it was decided to organize such an event annually. At first it was carried out privately, and then, in 1819, the holiday became a state holiday. Since then, the city has been organizing the festival in Munich.

Do I need to dress up like Bavarians?

The customs of Oktoberfest took shape over the years. Traditional costumes appeared along with them. For women, the key feature of the outfit is the Dirndl, an ankle-length dress with an apron. And men put on plaid shirts, leather breeches, knee-high socks with bows and hats with feathers. One oktoberfestovsky outfit can cost 200 euros.

It’s not necessary to wear Oktoberfest costumes. In this case, you will not take part in a costume parade, but you can look at it from the side.

What tents (tents) are worth visiting?

A total of 14 tents are open at Oktoberfest. Visit Schottenhamel first. It is here that the mayor of Munich gives permission to pour beer, opening the first barrel. Next, head over to Hackerbräu, decorated in traditional colors: blue and white, where rock and roll does not subside.

Guests also like Augustiner-Bräu. This is a friendly place, suitable for both single and family. The peculiarity of the tent is that here beer is poured from wooden barrels (oak), while other tents already use metal ones. And the smallest tent at the celebration is Glöckle Wirt, which can accommodate only 98 people at a time.

What if I don’t drink alcohol?

If you don’t like beer, then Oktoberfest is probably not for you. Moreover, the cost of water at the festival is 8.73 euros per liter. However, we suggest visiting the Weinzelt wine tent. It offers more than 15 types of wine, champagne and no beer. And at Bodo’s Cafe you can enjoy delicious pastries and local cocktails.

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Is there anything else besides beer?

Oktoberfest attracts not only beer rivers. The festival is filled with various attractions, for example, Höllenblitz (lightning from hell), the Skyfall (skyscraper), the Teufelsrad (Devil’s wheel) or something more restrained: Krinoline (carousel).

Most tents play traditional music and Bavarian dances are performed. In addition, the Puppet Theater offers its own shows, and competitions are held at the Bodo’s Cafe.

Munich has many attractions that can also be visited during the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is always fun and noisy. Here you are guaranteed to get a lot of emotions, and the memories of the celebration will remain for a long time.

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