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Tourist Guide: Dominican Republic

In the eastern part of Haiti is a country that can rightly be called a paradise. This is the Dominican Republic, located on the Caribbean coast. Here the tourist expects clean endless beaches, relaxation in the shade of coconut trees and azure water. Atmospheric relaxation to the sounds of incendiary meringue is the main reason to buy a tour to the Dominican Republic. Come here for exotic, dance and enjoyment!

The most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic
Punta Cana

On the southeast coast, 30 km long are the white beaches of Punta Cana. This place will be enjoyed by true adventure lovers, because here a corner of untouched nature has remained. Near the wild jungle there is a whole network of chic hotel complexes that await fans of the Latin American atmosphere. Almost all year round here the ambient temperature is not lower than +26 ° C. The resort is just a find for nature lovers: here you can swim among the coral reefs, stroke a stingray and eat bananas, which, as you know, help in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness! Punta Cana is also a great place for families.

La romana

An ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities has become the resort of La Romana. Here is a huge hotel complex, which will be of interest to lovers of a comfortable stay. He even has his own airport! It offers an interesting diving among the colorful inhabitants of the underwater world of La Romana with the opportunity to engage in water hunting. Almost all year round there is a comfortable temperature of about + 25 ° C. The old colonial town (founded in 1502) will be interesting for couples and lovers to lie on the beach.

Cap cana

The length of the white beaches of this new Dominican resort is as much as 5 km! The elite resort, which recently began to attract tourists, was sponsored by Donald Trump himself. The most luxurious hotels in the Dominican Republic are located here, and this place is chosen exclusively for world cinema stars, politicians and millionaires. Tourists will enjoy truly heavenly weather, excellent service and a good holiday in Cap Can.

What to try in the Dominican Republic?

The combination of European and African cuisines may seem to the tourist too exotic and strange taste. But this is completely wrong. A distinctive feature of local dishes was the combination of bananas, legumes with meat and fish. The most popular among locals sofrito is an appetizer, which consists of tomato paste, green onions, finely chopped garlic, tomatoes, coriander and vinegar.

So what is there to try first?
Asopao is a fragrant rice soup with shrimp or chicken. This is something between soup, stew and paella. Seafood lovers will definitely appreciate this dish.

La Bandera – chicken stew with a thick sauce, which also includes bananas. This is one of the most popular dishes of Creole cuisine, whose name translates as “Flag”.
Tostones – probably everyone heard about fried bananas? In the Dominican Republic, this is a very popular snack. Here you can taste it on almost every corner.

Pescado-con-coco – an unusual combination of fish and coke milk may seem wild and excessively exotic to you? Try this dish to once and for all fall in love with such an unusual cuisine of the Dominican Republic.

Where else can I go in the fall?

Do not pass by national drinks:

Mamahuana is a strong forty-degree drink based on rum. In the bottle you will see a lot of herbs and roots, and even if the bottle is empty, Dominicans fill it with alcohol again. The liquid is infused, absorbing aromatic substances. This drink is considered a good aphrodisiac – natural Viagra.

Be sure to sample the viscous and sweet Dominican coffee. Here, this drink is also a matter of national pride. After all, it is in this country that some of the best grains for a drink are produced. Coffee is served in a small cup – because it is very strong.

And finally, rum. About fifteen types of this alcoholic drink are produced here, so during the holidays it is not a fact that you will be able to taste all varieties.

Travel tips for a good stay in the Dominican Republic

– going to the Dominican Republic, remember: you need to bargain. Almost always, the prices at the merchants are initially very high.

“You can’t drink tap water here for drinking.” For brushing your teeth, you should also use specially purified water. All purchased products should be washed before use. Remember this to maintain your health.
– Going on vacation, take along the adapter to the Euro outlet. Here all sockets are flat.

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