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The best reefs of Hurghada

Holidays at sea is not only an opportunity to get a bronze tan, take a break from routine worries and visit the best world attractions. It is also a great chance to learn a new skill and have an interesting hobby – try scuba diving! We tell you where the best reefs of Hurghada are located for unforgettable scuba diving. Remember the coordinates, buy a tour and pack your bags!

The coast of the Red Sea is a storehouse of gorgeous underwater “landscapes”, so finding a hotel with a good reef in Hurghada is not so difficult. For example, you should pay attention to Coral Beach Hurghada (4 *), Hurghada Long Beach Resort (4 *), King Tut Aqua Park Beach Resort (4 *), Pharaoh Azur Resort (5 *), Serenity Makadi Beach (5 *), Jasmine Palace Resort (5 *).

Stoney beach
One of the best reefs to go for amazing diving is Stoney Beach. Locals call it the “Lion’s Head” according to the characteristic shape of the surrounding rocks. The best option is to dive from the ship, because the depth in some places can reach 60 m.

Ras disha
Even the best hotels in Hurghada with a reef can not be compared with the beauty of this picturesque underwater corner. So, Ras Disha, although it belongs to the Abu Hashish reef, is known as a separate place for scuba diving, because in this part there is a magnificent grotto and unusual marine inhabitants, such as glass fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, etc. d.

Gota abu ramada
Due to its small size and shallow water (depth 11 – 16 m), this reef is called the “aquarium”. Here you can meet the most diverse underwater inhabitants and observe their behavior in the natural habitat.

Shaab abu nugar
Another good reef at a hotel in Hurghada is Shaab Abu Nugar (the nearest hotels are Sea Star Beau Rivage, Palm Beach Resort and Royal Star Empire Beach Resort), the name of which literally translates as “father of the pools.” This interpretation is due to the fact that Shaab Abu Nugar covers several lagoons of bewitching beauty. The reef itself has a T-shape and is located at a shallow depth.

Careless reef
If you want to feel like visiting Poseidon, go explore the Careless Reef. The underwater landscapes here are so magnificent that you will feel like in a fairy tale. Corals grow at a depth of 12-20 m. The vessels that bring divers to the dive site are most often parked at reef poles (the width of each such “island” is about 30 meters). In addition to corals, you can admire butterfly fish, moray eels, gray reef sharks and angel fish.

Fanadir is known as the best reef in Hurghada. Firstly, because on the east side it is protected from the weather. Secondly, there are small rocky islands. And thirdly, he is truly beautiful!

Shaab El Erg is another wonderful place located near Hurghada. It is curious that the reef’s shape resembles a horseshoe that enclosed a beautiful lagoon in its “embrace”. The latter, by the way, became famous thanks to the turquoise shade of water, which gives it a mysterious, even somewhat mystical, appearance.

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Tourists are advised to explore the western side of the reef, as there is a shallow channel. Also in these waters you can find many bottlenose dolphins.

Shaab abu ramada
Shaab Abu Ramada is a reef that attracts hundreds of free diving enthusiasts every year. In the water column you can “stumble” on a coral garden with a wide variety of underwater flora and fauna, from which even an experienced diver will be impressed.

Also, the popularity of Shaab abu Ramada is due to its features. In particular, a flat bottom and relatively shallow depth. And such “parameters” are great for beginner divers.

South abu ramada
At a depth of 35 m under water is the wall of the reef South Abu Ramada, which is famous not only for the variety of marine “inhabitants”, but also for landscape features. There are small cliffs, an island and even a mysterious cave. Great place to dive!

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