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El Maíllo

El Maíllo is a municipality belonging to the province of Salamanca (province of Castilla y León - Spain). It is placed to 72 km from the capital, Salamanca. It possesses a surface of 46km2. Its altitude with regard to the level of the sea is of 985m. His climate is continental. Weather forecast

In the year 2003, it had registered 403 persons, of whom 191 were women and 212 men.

Near the limit with the Sierra de Francia, it offers the attraction of contemplating slightly different places if we go several weeks in the heart of the Sierra. Its natural environment is riddled with oaks and pines.


Casa Baja

Supplied good, it is a village that possesses drugstore, shop, bakery, bars, with great atmosphere in summer.

In El Maillo there am a convent raised by the Dominicans in the 16th century to the feet of the Sierra, intimately related to the Sanctuary of the Peña de Francia. Acquaintance like la Casa Baja (the Low House) was the convent where most of the friars was moving during the winter due to the rigor of the climate in the summit. The ruins of the convent, declared in 1956 Historical - artistic Monument, at present, they are a particular property.

El Maillo possesses also a couple of picnic areas: La Hoya and El Pinarejo.

Popular parties: 1er on Sunday of October: Virgin of the Rosario. On February 2: San Blas. - Casa rural Arrabal del Puente - Ronda Girón 8, 37621, El Maillo (Salamanca) - Tel.638 73 90 86 -